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Green Smart Homes in Newcastle

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If you don’t like your current house, we can build it up or change it out so you can start loving it again. You can have a modernised home that meets your needs without having to move. Give us a call to get started today.

Custom-Built Energy Efficient Homes

If you need your home to be built in a more tailored fashion around your family or your lifestyle, there’s nothing we love more than working with you to design your very own Green Smart Home.  Your ideas and our expertise! 

Build a GreenSmart house

A Green Smart house is a sustainable home created using environmentally responsible housing design ideas, building techniques and products. The key principles of building a home with environmental features include correct site orientation to maximise solar design principles, natural ventilation, insulation, thermal mass and flooring.
We specialise in custom built homes with energy efficient designs.
Quality work above industry standards, Guaranteed.

A GreenSmart house will:

Improve the water and energy efficiency of the home reducing energy bills and costs. Create healthier homes for occupants. Provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life. Reduce waste from the building process. Improve site management during construction.

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